Our project is a 5 star boutique hotel, the first in the area of PATRAS at this level. One of the leading examples of cultural heritage was transformed to give the city a new trend in the field of hospitality.

The philosophy is based on personalised hospitality and our goal is to connect with each visitor and offer him the authentic hospitality that is culturally rooted within us. Our goal is to transmit the local culture to the visitor by exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods and the urban streets of the city and to connect with the local community. We will achieve this only if we see each visitor individually and offer him a personalised hospitality. The city has a huge past, with its archeological sites and cultural monuments, has a lively present with its energy and natural beauty and finally has a bright future, with the science center and all the National road networks of Greece surrounding it.

The bold type

The inspiration for the name of the hotel comes from the bold character of the building which captivates the visitor in a glance.

This was the main idea of the first owner of the house, Mrs Galanopoulou, (big raisin trader)in the 1800 who envisioned a building to catch the eye of the visitor heading from the ancient conservatory to Ano Poli.

The construction of the listed building, a work of art for the architecture of Patras, has been done in three phases.
The first is placed in the late 1800s, the second at the beginning of the r century and the last phase concerning most of the building took place in the early 1910s. The completion of the third phase gave the building its special architecture.


The hotel is developed on 4 floors, has a total of 10 rooms / suites and a magnificent garden at the back.

The colour scheme of the hotel started with what already existed here. The green, which is the 1st floor, combines the wild plantation of the garden with our Garden suite.
The red, which is the 2nd floor, joins the stones of the ancient Conservatory and our Atelier rooms.
On the 3rd floor dominates the blue that unites the sky and the memory of the building and are the executive rooms and the Bold Type suite.

On the 4th floor there is the Roof View which is accessible only to hotel residences and in exceptional cases can host a private event for up to 20 people.
From the roof of the building you can see important sights of Patras, the castle and the Ancient Roman Conservatory as well as the Gulf of Patras.

The frescoes on the second floor were made after its completion, around 1920, they are hand-painted and depict old marbles, a common phenomenon of that time. Some have been preserved and others have been lost over time.

At the back of the hotel dominates a magnificent courtyard which has been transformed into a fine dining restaurant. Ideal choice for breakfast and lunch break all day long.

The hotel garden, dating back to 1922, has a liquid element in the center that surrounds the tallest palm tree in the city.
The palm tree is about 95 years old and captivates the eye of the visitor in its view.

The restaurant, with the talented chef Giannis skentzos,
is open ιn daily base.


Empi Spathi – architect engineer NTUA , Msc

Empi Spathi was born in 1975 in Bologna -Italy. She got qualified as an architect engineer from the National Technical University of Athens in 1999. Over the years and in parallel with her continuous work she got her two masters in architecture. The first (2007) in interior design from the Polytechnic University of Milan and the second (2015) in environmental design from the Hellenic Open University.

Her vast experience in designing and supervising architectural works derives from thousands of square meters of realised projects both private and public. She is currently running her own firm in Patras but she is also an active project manager in Athens based firm “Tsimpos & associates architects”. She has always worked in higher ethic standards towards her clients and she strongly believes that practising ethics in architecture is a way for our society to move forward.